Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Create a script between health professional and patient that addresses the case, the purpose, principles, … expected outcomes of the interview (etc). You can add information that complements the case but you must not alter it. Example: Patient: I wish I didn’t eat so much fast food. Doctor: You eat fast food fairly often? Types of questions and interventions: open-ended questions Closed-ended questions offer affirmations Practice reflective listening Summarize the visit Empathy Support autonomy reflection 1. Introduction a. patient identification b. demographic data c. Reason for consultation d. Show empathy 2. Problem a. ?Beginning b. Description c. Current status d. Precipitating factors e. Triggering factors 3. Patient position a. Current problem b. Feelings c. Failed strategies d. Problem perception 4. Engaging a. Patient goals b. interview comfort c. interview safety d. Interview and professional health empathy e. Patient engagement evaluation 5. Discord a. Resistance to interpersonal factors b. Patient perspective and concerns c. Patient collaborative 6. Focusing a. Finding a clear direction and goal (Should be specific enough) b. Finding direction and patient goal (Should be specific enough) c. Particular goal for change (Should be specific enough) d. Evaluate patient mindfulness and focusing e. Patient aspirations f. Establish a common purpose (Professional and patient) g. Honing in on a target behavior h. exploring ambivalence i. Exploring barriers 7. Evoking a. Express how you can focus down and guide the client/offender towards a particular goal (identified in the focusing process) b. Evoke the patient’s internal motivations for change c. Express how to reinforce it to help build their motivation for change around the focused target behavior. d. Express how to guide to strategic and directional parts of MI e. Reinforce change talk f. Express the patient change - Essay Writing Mart
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