Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Select 2 global companies from the same industry for example, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts; AB InBev (formerly Anheuser-Busch) and Miller-Coors; and Marriott and Wyndham. Analyze how each of the selected companies applies its strengths and overcomes internal weaknesses to take advantage of external market opportunities, avoid threats, and create sustainable global marketing strategies that offer unique value to the customer. Address each of the following points in your analysis: Methods of differentiation used to create sustainable customer value in global markets Threats or opportunities created by changing demographics and social trends in global markets Ways in which the companies demonstrate ethics and social responsibility in their marketing Consumer Decision Consider a purchase you recently made that was for $100 or more. Describe your decision process by answering the following questions: How did you determine your need? How did you search for information? How did you evaluate alternatives? What criteria did you use in making your choice? After you describe your decision process, answer the following: Once your purchase was complete and you experienced the use of what you purchased, how did you feel about your decision and why? Compare your purchase experience with two colleagues. How do their experiences compare with yours? Submit your reflection. - Essay Writing Mart
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